Cooking Classes

Special Cooking Classes

Learn how to make Sushi, Maki, and Tempura while tasting fresh fish and prosecco

Duration: 4- ore

Learn the secrets of French Cooking while tasting fresh food and prosecco

Walks Inside Rome would like to invite you to a special Italoamerican Thanksgiving Cooking Class & ...

Duration: Afternnon & Evening

Leadership and Team Building Experiences at InRome Cooking

Private Cooking Classes

Taste food and buy ingredients at the Farmers' Market and then learn how to make Pasta from scratch

Duration: approx 3-hours

As any Italian will proudly tell you, the best cooks in Italy are the Grandmas, the beloved ‘Nonne ...

Duration: 2-3

Why spend your time in Rome hunting down your perfect pizza or gelato when you can make both in the ...

Duration: 2-3

A stroll through Rome’s ancient piazzas and cobblestones streets always calls for a sweet gelato.

Duration: 2

A class dedicated to cooking a classic Italian feast.

Duration: 4

Whether you want to focus on just fresh pasta, or a region of Italy, anything is possible in our ...

Our cooking demonstrations are a fun, relaxed affair.

An exploration and tasting of Italy's finest winest, the infamous and undiscovered.

We invite kids to come and learn to make fresh pasta and tiramisù!

A class kids love as they become little pizza and gelato makers for the day.

Rome has another lesser known but no less delicious cuisine at its heart- that of the Jewish Ghetto

In this class, we will teach you to excel at these Roman pasta dishes.

Duration: 3-hours

One of our fantastic Chef's can come to you for a special evening of Italian food.

A chance to cook with a real Italian Nonna and learn inherited recipes

Duration: 3 hours

A hands-on cooking class in a 17th-century palace. Come and make your own Italian antipasti and ...

Duration: 2.5 hours

Shared Cooking Classes

Join our Pasta Making Class & Tiramisu and make some food loving friends.

Duration: 2-3 hrs

Make some likeminded friends and join our classic cooking class for eating Italian.

Duration: 4-5h

With our Pizza Making and Gelato class you will learn to make TWO of Italy’s most iconic creations...

Duration: 2-3 hrs

Join our Gelato Making Class and make some food loving friends in Rome.

Duration: 2 hrs

A hands-on cooking class in a 17th-century palace. Come and make your own Italian antipasti and ...

Duration: 2-3 hours

Join a group foodie stroll in Rome. Make some foodie friends over a glass of wine and some delicious ...

Duration: 3.5 hours

Learn how to cook a real Italian Sunday lunch with InRome Cooking.

Duration: 4-5 hours