Sicilians are very proud of Arancini! Find out with Inrome Cooking some interesting facts about arancini as well as the Ragu Arancini recipe...

01 August 2018

Curiosities about the Italian history of eggplants and Pasta alla Norma recipe

25 May 2018

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13 May 2018

You probably know the famous lemon liquor but do you know anything about where it comes from or about its protected appellation? If you ...

25 March 2018

Vegetable of the month: Peas! We want to celebrate the arrival of Spring with a great peas recipe: Bisi e Risi recipe from Venice

09 March 2018

Roman-style or Jewish-style artichokes: learn the difference, try both recipes and choose your favorite!

17 February 2018

Here is a very tasty Orange Sorbet recipe to try for desert.

20 January 2018

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06 January 2018

Chocolate salami: a special recipe for your Christmas festivities

24 December 2017

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09 December 2017

Pumpkin ravioli for a special Thanksgiving dinner

22 November 2017

Sunshine rolls made for lunch al-fresco and inspired by Sicily

24 August 2016

Marscapone Cream

04 August 2016

A carciofi frittata is the perfect picnic food for Primo Maggio.

24 April 2016