Farmers Market Shopping with Roman Full Course Class | Private



At the center of Campo de Fiori, under the statue of monk Giordano Bruno


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A private cooking class where you will learn to make a classic Italian meal.

From the first pastry in the morning at the local Pasticceria, to the final twirl of spaghetti Pomodoro for dinner, food is a huge part of Italian life. Italians have refined the art of pleasurable eating. If you love Italian food, learn to cook like an Italian! An InRome Cooking class is fun and gratifying. 

Guests are always welcomed with drinks and antipasti!

Our English-speaking chef will cook with you some classic Italian dishes. If you would like, the class can start in the style of any true Roman’s day, with a trip to the market to select fresh ingredients. The seasonal produce will help determine your menu: think an auburn squash Risotto in the autumn or generously stuffed tomatoes in the summer.

Back at InRome Cooking, the chef will accompany you to make a classic Italian dinner with a ‘Primi’ (pasta dish), a ‘Secondi’ (main course), a ‘Contorni’ (side dish) and a delectable ‘dolce’, (sweet course). If there is something in particular you would like to cook, you are welcome to specify with the chef beforehand.
With a glass of local wine, after an active morning or afternoon cooking, the class comes together to enjoy the feast you have prepare. 




Market shopping with the chef
Hands-on English speaking chef
All necessary ingredients and materials
Antipasti and local wines
Class enjoys the food they have prepared in the dining room
Each cook will have their own personal workstation

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