Private Cooking Classes

Taste food and buy ingredients at the Farmers' Market and then learn how to make Pasta from scratch

Duration: approx 3-hours

As any Italian will proudly tell you, the best cooks in Italy are the Grandmas, the beloved ‘Nonne ...

Duration: 2-3

Why spend your time in Rome hunting down your perfect pizza or gelato when you can make both in the ...

Duration: 2-3

A stroll through Rome’s ancient piazzas and cobblestones streets always calls for a sweet gelato.

Duration: 2

A class dedicated to cooking a classic Italian feast.

Duration: 4

Whether you want to focus on just fresh pasta, or a region of Italy, anything is possible in our ...

Our cooking demonstrations are a fun, relaxed affair.

An exploration and tasting of Italy's finest winest, the infamous and undiscovered.

A class kids love as they become little pizza and gelato makers for the day.

Rome has another lesser known but no less delicious cuisine at its heart- that of the Jewish Ghetto

Leadership and Team Building Experiences at InRome Cooking

In this class, we will teach you to excel at these Roman pasta dishes.

Duration: 3-hours

One of our fantastic Chef's can come to you for a special evening of Italian food.

A chance to cook with a real Italian Nonna and learn inherited recipes

Duration: 3 hours

A hands-on cooking class in a 17th-century palace. Come and make your own Italian antipasti and ...

Duration: 2.5 hours

An alternative to fresh pasta, master perfet gnocchi and classic parmigiana

Duration: 3

A masterclass in Pizza Making

Earliest access tour to the Sistine Chapel plus a Cooking Class inside the Pope's Summer Residence

Duration: Full Day

A food tour to discover the best street food Rome has to offer.

Duration: 2-hours

Designed for families and indivuals who want to discover Rome from both a historical and culinary ...

Duration: Half Day

Travel south of Rome and experience the splendour of a cooking class at the Pope’s farm

Duration: Full Day

A fun introduction to Italian wines and the cuisine of Rome