Art and Mosaic Workshops- for kids



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Kids learn to paint and make mosaics with a Roman artist. What better way for kids to really engage with Rome’s artistic past then to have them create their own masterpieces.

Rome has given us the most beautiful art in the world. There are beautiful paintings from the Renaissance, Baroque and telling artefacts from the Roman Empire. Some artists are lucky enough to restore these old masterpieces. Take a workshop with a master of restoration.

Kids will discover their inner Michelangelo’s with a special kid’s workshop. Alternatively, discover the ancient craft of fresco painting or Mosaic making. A beautiful handmade mosaic is the perfect souvenir from your Roman holiday.

For something extraordinary, we even offer the chance for you to try your hand at decorating in gold leaf. Re-connect with the past of Rome by trying the crafts that made the city so beautiful and unique.

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