Pompeii & Wine



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A day dedicated to culture and drinking. What could be better? After exploreing UNESCO site Pompeii take advantage of Vesuvius' fertile land with a tasting of the regions wine. 

The car will pick you up and drive you on a scenic route towards Pompeii, the world’s most celebrated archaeological site. A guide will meet you to guide you through these complex and fascinating excavations. Pompeii offers the best example of how Romans lived. The shadowing Vesuvius overhead though is a constant remind of their doomed existence.

After a morning of learning and exploring, it is time to relax with a famed Mediterranean lunch by the magnificent slopes, and abundant vineyards, of Vesuvius. The region is fertile from the Volcano and particularly brilliant at producing wine. In a beautiful vineyard samples the different wines. If you are brave enough, we encourage you to take a stroll after lunch to admire the terrific caldera of Vesuvius from the top. 

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