Holiday Food Tour | Private


3.5 hours


In the middle of Campo di Fiori, under the Giordano Bruno statue


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Roman Holiday Food Tour

This holiday season we invite you to join us on a festive tour of Rome’s historical centre. Immerse yourself in Italian holiday traditions- this unique tour is a celebration of abundance, style, and delicious food.  

Rome in December is enchanting: there are traditional pine decorations, nativity scenes and fairy lights framing grand palazzos and small trattorias. The smell of roasting chestnuts fills the streets.

As with any time of year in Italy there are specialities prepared in celebration. As part of the experience, we will visit the historic bakeries of Rome for a taste of traditional Christmas cakes, biscuits and chocolate torrone, as well as dropping by our favourite chestnut roaster for a warming snack.

If you are looking for one of a kind presents for loved ones, there is also the chance to shop in some of Rome’s finest emporiums, where you will spot artisans making beautiful Christmas ornaments.  

Exploring done, it is time to escape the crisp air into a classic Roman restaurant. You will be welcomed with a plate of homemade fresh pasta and a glass of wine. Sit back and enjoy the spirit of Rome during the holidays as we conclude the tour with a soft slice of panettone, the delicious cake found of every Italians table during the holidays. 



seasonal Italian food and wine tastings with sit down dinner

What's included

  • food, wine and sit down dinner

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