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Some traditions have remained in Rome for centuries. This tour celebrates the artisans of Rome: their idiosyncratic studios, the beautiful art they produce and the dedicated artisans themselves.

Found in hidden corners and streets, the ‘artigiani’ artisans of Rome, continue to hand craft special objects. Special crafts and traditions live on: there are basket weavers, glass blowers and pottery makers all with little studios in Rome’s Centro Storico. We will invite you into their studios to watch them work.

Then onto discover Rome’s thriving artisanal food and drink scene. Old Roman delis are full of character and make for special places to visit. We invite you to try some artisanal cheese such as Rome’s distinct pecorino cheese. The countryside around Rome is rich, fertile, and perfect for producing wine and fantastic fruit and vegetables.

There are special shops and bars in Rome dedicated to selling these wonderful products. Taste locally produced wines, hams and cheeses in Rome's artisinal food shops. 

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