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Testaccio has a wonderful history that almost destined the village to become the place in Rome to try real Roman food. Some have even described the village as being romatically shaped like a wedge of cheese. Our food tour will take you to discover the food and architecture of this charming neighbourhood, one of Rome's most local.

Testaccio has a distinctively Roman spirit which hasn't suffered as the village has gentrified. In fact Testaccio is a fine example of Roman's old and new combining to create something modern and exciting. 

We'll take you to taste the classic Roman dishes: Cacio e Pepe, Amatriciana, Coda alla Vaccinara or Pollo alla Romana but also to some of the great new interpretations of these classics like a bolito sandwich in the market or a pizza bianca sandwich pocket filled with with stewed chicken. 

The market in Testaccio is one of Rome's best: lively and characterful. Depending on the season the market is awash with green artichokes, piles of chicoria or crates of Roman Zuchinni with their beautiful flowers ready to be fried. It's a great place to people watch and taste: pizza, arancini from Sicily or bruschetta crammed with fresh tomaotes, olive oil and basil.

Testaccio is so charming because it still feels so traditional: there is the local bar serving coffee to standing spectators, the gelateria to be visited after pizza, the local trattoria still serving an antipasti buffet worthy of a baroque feast and of course the delicastessen where salami and chillis hang above glass counters full of wobbly ricotta or mozarella.

Discover all these treats and the history of this legendary Roman Neighbourhood, with a local guide with our Testaccio food tour.

  • Visit to local delicastessen for cheese and salami tastings 
  • Visit to bakery to try Rome's favourite street food, pizza al taglio, strips of pizza cut and weighed with local toppings 
  • A market stroll to see seasonal vegetables, fresh pasta being stuffed and rolled and to try friend risotto balls 'aracini' or 'suppli'
  • A visit to the legendary sandwhich maker of the market to try bolito or parmigana sandwhiches
  • Vist to historic trattoria for classic Roman pasta tastings 
  • Coffee in a local bar
  • Gelato in an artisanal gelateria

What's included

  • Food & wine tastings

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