The Restaurant-Pizzeria-Cocktail Bar Passetto, a historic venue just outside Piazza Navona, has hosted in its rooms the best customers of the Roman bourgeoisie, the aristocracy and the art world.

An ideal bridge between Roman and Mediterranean tradition, the new Passetto, thanks to the two new patrons, Marilena and Salvatore Barberi, the third generation of Roman restaurateurs and co-owners of Inrome Cooking too, presents itself today under a new look, able to accommodate and satisfy the different needs of comfort and quality of its customers, families, expert tasters and groups of travelers, both large and small, in search of excellent food, fun cooking demonstrations and good envirnoment.

With completely renovated spaces and new gastronomic elaborations result of the collaboration with the best experts of the territory, including the famous Roman chef Arcangelo Dandini, assisted by his assistant Maria Ferrini to define the menu and the kitchen brigada, as well as Giancarlo Casa from the famous pizzeria La Gatta Mangiona for gourmet pizza, a true masterpiece for all Romans, the new wine bar-cocktail bar Apollinare with a dehor, a cellar on the ancient Roman street and two rooms entirely dedicated to the taste of good drink, complete with Antonio Parlapiano's cocktails and the wines selected by Luca Boccoli the wide offer of Passetto.

In Passetto you can:

- Have DINNER or LUNCH, go for a COFFEE, stopping for a TEA or sipping a more elaborate DRINK.

- Try the PIZZA by Giancarlo Casa, designed to give creativity and attention to the flavors of the seasons.

- Tasting, sitting at the elegant bar or going down into the cellar, a selection of WINES, ARTISAN BEERS, CHAMPAGNE and SPIRITS together with delicious culinary combinations, including mixed cutting boards of meats and selected cheeses.

- Organize PARTY AND EXCLUSIVE EVENTS, with music and personalized menus.

- Participate in COOKING COURSES to learn the secrets of good Italian cuisine.

- Offer in the center of Rome TEAM BUILDING experiences to your colleagues and employees.


In Passetto there is a whole world of flavors and hospitality to discover.  We are waiting for you.