Vegetable of the month: Pumpkin

06 November 2017

Here at In Rome Cooking we simply love pumpkins! This is the best time of the year to remind us of the benefits of pumpkins and some tasty pumpkin recipes ideas


Why you should eat pumpkin as much as you can 


Helps to prevent heart disease

Pumpkins are rich of antioxidants which help to reduce cardiological disease

Pumpkins prevent cancer

The same antioxidants substances boost cell  regeneration and may reduce the risk of cancer

Pumpkins improve eyesight 

The carotenoids contained in pumpkins help in keeping your eyes heatlhy

Helps digestion

Pumpkins are rich in fibres, which help digestion and intestinal regularity

Makes your sleep better

The consume of pumpkin has a relaxing and sedative effect, so it’s useful to cure insomnia 


 5 Italian Pumpkin dishes


Tortelli di Zucca - Pumpkin Tortelli

Fresh pasta stuffed with pumpkin puree makes for a simple but delicate main course.

Gnocchi alla Romana - Roman Gnocchi

Traditional Roman gnocchi realized by simply adding the sweet pumpkin puree to the traditional semolina recipe

Fiori di Zucca - Pumpkin Flowers

Fried pumpkin flowers stuffed with mozzarella cheese and anchovies for a delicious starter

Risotto alla Zucca - Pumpkin Risotto

Rice cooked in pumpkin sauce. The strengh of this Italian traditional dish is its simplicity

Pasta con Zucca e Pancetta - Pumpkin and Bacon Pasta

Delicious pasta dish where the pumpking sweetness marries the savoury bacon in cubes.

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