Top Rome Food Festivals January 2018

15 December 2017

We are back with our Rome food festivals recommendations for the month of January 2018. Here are the top events we are looking forward to. If you happen to be in Rome in January, don’t miss the chance to see the country outside Rome and try some delicious food!

Polenta Food Festival

Sermoneta – 14 January

This Polenta event takes place in the hilly town of Sermoneta - about 90 Km from Rome – since the 17th century. As many of you know, Polenta is a cornmeal dish very popular all over Italy. In central Italy it is dressed with tomato sauce cooked with sausages and pork ribs. The event starts in the morning with the mass celebration and goes on for the whole day.


Frittella al Cavolfiore Food Festival

Tuscania – 21 January

This food festival is the celebration of the Tuscania’s cauliflower pancake: crunchy on the outside, soft in the inside. This event’s tradition dates back to a long time ago, where a tragic earthquake destroyed this small town about 100 Km away from Rome and gathered the local people to rebuild it together. On that occasion, the “Frittella al cavolfiore” food festival was born as well. Local street artists and folk music contribute to make this event a lot of fun!


Bruschetta Food Festival

Casaprota – 28 & 29 January

Casaprota – about 70 km from Rome – hosts the Bruschetta food festival since 1962. The crunchy grilled bread seasoned with the local extra virgin olive oil is served with wheat and truffle soup and grilled meat. For this special occasion there will also be live music, artisanal markets and food tours.  

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