Top Food Festivals in May

07 April 2018

So many food festivals will take place in May, In Rome cooking cannot wait to go! If you happen to be in Rome, here are some amazing food festivals nearby that you shouldn’t miss:

Sagra dei Vertuti

Paganico Sabino – 1 May



Paganico Sabino is a nice little town overlooking the beautiful Turano Lake. It’s only 50 Km away from Rome, in the province of Frosinone. This food festival is celebrated on the occasion of an ancient ritual: the farmers celebrate the end of Winter and the arrival of Spring, hoping for a good harvest. They put some kernels in a glass of wine: if they float instead of sinking, then it will be a good harvest. After this ritual, which is called “Kalènnemàju”, the party starts and the local dish is served: the Vertuti soup. This legumes soup – beans, broad beans, chickpeas and so on –seasoned with olive oil and thyme, is normally served with pasta in tomato sauce, sausages, bruschette and obviously wine. It’s just delicious!


Sagra degli Gnocchi al Sugo di Pecora / Gnocchi in lamb ragu

Vico nel Lazio – 1 May



This food festival takes place on the 1st of May as well, in the town of Vico nel Lazio. If you wish to join both this festival and the Vertuti one in Paganico Sabino you can do it! Then towns are only a 2 hour drive away from each other. In Vico nel Lazio, a nice medieval town located on the Monna mountain, the locals celebrate every year their typical dishes: gnocchi in lamb ragu, grilled lamb in tomato sauce, broad beans with pecorino cheese and asparagus omelette. All to be tasted with the great local wine.


Sagra dell’Asparago e del Prugnolo

Configni – 26, 27, 28 May



Configni, a small town in the Province of Rieti, is only 60 Km away from Rome and it’s surrounded by a very beautiful countryside. This explains why the local products are so good and people celebrate them every year in May. The most representative products of this area are asparagus and the Prugnolo mushrooms, famous to be particularly tasty. Asparagus and Prugnolo mushrooms are used to prepare the sauce of the local pasta dish, “Strengozzi”, which will be served during this festival.


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