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27 July 2016

After a wonderful start to the schools opening- our clients are fantastic- it is time to start documenting daily life at the school. I want the blog and our facebook to be a space where we can share recipes, ideas and keep in touch with our marvelous clients.

I thought a fun place to start would be to write down some of the perhaps surprising observations from the last couple of months:

1. Separating eggs can flummox even the smoothest of characters. Giving a child an egg to seperate is a guaranteed mess.  Luckily we have plenty of eggs.
2. A high percentage of people thought you bought whipped cream from a can. How I love to hear clients tell me they will now be whipping cream at home with just some fresh whipping cream and a whisk. Yes it is that simple!
3. We are living in a food-obsessed world. The main part of any travel experience has become food! It is not enough to just see the Vatican. A trip to the Vatican needs to be followed by a brilliant lunch. That brilliant lunch should be fresh pasta or pizza made with your own hands at InRome Cooking.
4. So many people have pizza stones or a Green Egg barbecue...but they need someone to teach them how to make perfect pizza dough. Hence InRome Cooking! 
5. The most popular flavor of gelato is stracciatella- hard shards of chocolate fondente folded into fior di latte gelato.

Slowly I want to start adding our favorite recipes to the website so keep checking for inspiration.
With love from Sarah & Chef Max.

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