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We look forward to cooking with you in Rome!


With our Pizza Making and Gelato class you will learn to make TWO of Italy’s most iconic creations. We’ll let you in on the secrets to both including that age old question what is the difference between gelato and ice-cream!

We invite kids to become real pizza makers while in Rome! Channel your inner ‘pizzaiolo’: the official name for pizza makers.

Pizza may have been born in Naples but Romans love their pizza too. They argue theirs is even better than in Naples. The base is crispier!

With our English-speaking chef, a master of pizza, you will learn the secrets to kneading the perfect pizza dough. You will be able to go home and show of to your friends your new pizza making ability. It only gets better when it is time to start choosing toppings. We have the freshest ingredients ready for you to adorn your pizzas: you can keep things simple with mozarella and tomato or create your own signture pizza with everything from salami to nutella!

The class will be set in a fabulous 17th century palazzo a few steps from Piazza Navona. As we host you in classic Italian style, we will serve you drinks and local snacks such as Rome's delicious suppli: steaming rice balls stuffed with mozarella! While the pizza is cooking, the chef will show you how to make classic Italian gelato.

When you simply cannot wait any longer, it is time for the whole class to come together and eat pizza and gelato in the 17th century dining. Buon Appetito!


***available as a private class for the family or join other families in a shared class***


Family friendly chef
Learn to make pizza and gelato
Class enjoys the food they have prepared in the dining room
Soft drinks and local snacks
Each cook will have their own personal workstation

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