Pasta Making Class & Tiramisù - For Kids


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We look forward to cooking with you in Rome!


We invite kids to come and learn to make fresh pasta and tiramisù! Soon your kids will be making fresh pasta for you at home!

With the guidance of our kids friendly chef, kids will learn the sercrets to making fresh pasta and Italy's favourite desert: tiramisù!

At InRome Cooking everything will be prepared for the kids to be comfortable and cook. Drinks and snacks will be served all the while the chef personally assists each child to make fresh pasta and tiramisu.

After cooking, the kids come together to enjoy their treats in the 17th century dining room! Like little kings and queens!

***available as a private class for the family or join other families in a shared class***


Family friendly chef
Learn 2 or 3 fresh pastas and Tiramisù
Class enjoys the food they have prepared in the dining room
Each cook will have their own personal workstation

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